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Nowadays data is everything. For most companies data is a core part of their business and therefore also the biggest weakness. A lot of companies would not survive a hack attack and exposure of business essential information. However, the real crucial point is not the system itself, but the user policy. Human engagement represents one of the most targeted potential vulnerability. Users can access and share information across the internet, including harmful infectious content.

How to address this exposure without restraining employees and decreasing productivity?

Here Comes Cisco Content Management Solution!

By analysing content going to and from user’s devices, the Email Security Appliance (ESA) and the Web Security Appliance (WSA) can prevent any missuses
of data as well as block any suspect behaviour from external source. Imagine you are accessing an official yet hacked website. You would not suspect the page
to be harmful to you at all. With Cisco WSA, you would be able to access the site securely. Cisco WSA is removing all the dangerous, infected part of the site,
without blocking your desired content.

The same functionality provides Cisco also for email. ESA will scan the entire incoming communication and also investigate all links inside to discover potential
multi-factor attacks. Then ESA resolves the risk by choosing the appropriate method for the threat elimination: discard, quarantine, clean or let go all inbound
and outbound messages. In a phishing attack, you could be tempted to share by mail company secret information. ESA would prevent any leak by it Data Loss
Prevention mechanism.


How does it work?

The strength of Cisco Content Management comes from several security layers capturing attacks like a strong and thick web:

  • First barrier against the attacks is maintained by email address and webhost reputation database check across internet to identify and
    eliminate threats. This blocks most common attacks without any impact on business network.
  • Independent Analysis and Threat Management System at every appliance allows scanning and termination of potential risks and malware.
  • TALOS, a central organization of 800+ engineers coordinating all security appliance rules 24/7. TALOS allows the faster protection than any
    other solution against 0 day attacks.
  • Advance Malware Prevention (AMP) delivers behaviour analysis by sandboxing and providing forensics of all attacks. To make your life easier,
    ESA will provide you with the latest rules set up recommendation to match new attack strategies efficiently.


Central Management for web and email content

Next to Email and Web Security Appliance, Cisco offers also Security Management Appliance (SMA). SMA can centrally configure and manage the ESA and
WSA and provide a global configuration option and policy consistency across all locations. But SMA can offer much more. It does centrally collect all data from
ESA and WSA Appliances and provide analysis in easy to read dashboard. SMA helps you to optimize your rules to reinforce security based the behavioural
scope of your environment.


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