NEtwork Security


Network is a skeleton of all infrastructures. It creates platform for a successful business. Data exchange is becoming more and more important. We cannot afford to lose connection. This loss could represent lots of dollars. Consequence of this enormous connectivity demand is a greater exposure to external attacks. Time when hackers were only acting for notoriety is far away. We are now facing very well organized criminal organizations, harvesting crops of zombie PCs and renting their services for compromising data quests, cyber-attacks and other disabling services.
Most of the SMB Businesses would not survive hijacking of their system. Yet they are the ones that cannot afford the enterprise grade solution. Enterprise businesses have the budget capacities, but they do not always have in place solution that covers threats across the whole attack continuum, especially the forensics in after period.

Protect across the Entire Attack Continuum

Cisco, multi-protocol router creator, is a global leader offering top class networking solutions for more than 30 years. Cisco has a strong sense of security and do not hesitate to invest into a leading technology. With their FirePOWER approach, Cisco strengthens their network security by providing a complete solution. Because neither Firewall nor Intrusion Prevention Solutions are enough, Cisco FirePOWER does correlation of all network information to determine pattern of attacks.


Before attack, FirePOWER engines allow you to control access on several criteria either on Port/Protocol like old Firewall, and also on users, operating
systems, applications, VMs and other network components. During  attack, you get a whole IPS Analysis associated with complete security intelligence.
Cisco is really committed on security. They have gathered hundreds of specialists to monitor internet 24/7. Called Talos, this organization can take instant
decision and push preventive rules to the equipment. You can face zero day attacks way faster than any other solution.

One of the most important parts, usually neglected is after attack phase. Because it would be lying to say that no attack will never ever succeed,
Cisco solution collects all information and tell you if and how part of the system has been compromised and additionally describes the way how to deal with
such situation! Too many vendors on the market prefer to be blind on this side, which allows Advanced Malware Protection, a component of FirePOWER Services,
to act efficiently and provide exclusive support.
You can get the benefits of all FirePOWER Services by purchasing any of currently selling ASA (5506, 5508, 5512, 5515, 5516, 5525, 5545, 5585)
and FirePOWER Next Generation IPS Appliance.
For more information on Network Security, contact your Comstor CSI Representative.

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